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Innovation in welding of offshore platform for better resource utilization and enhanced quality & productivity

  • Posted on: 27th February, 2024

With Today’s energy-centric life, need for oil is at all-time high. With this surge in energy demand, the oil & gas industry is being challenged to improve production efficiencies and to maintain a growth trajectory in its crude oil and natural gas resources.

The Design, manufacturing and installation of these structures is the biggest challenge and requires remarkable team efforts. To cut down on overall project fabrication cost, some of the welding variables can be optimized.

The aim is not only to minimize the overall cost but also to enhance the overall final product quality.

Welding variables are tactically manoeuvred to Increase process efficiency, optimizing cycle time and thereby reducing overall cost without compromising final product quality.

On an approximate scale, deposited weld metal contributes 2.5-3.0% of total weight of offshore module. Keeping this in mind, L&T Energy Hydrocarbon - Modular Fabrication Facility in Oil & Gas Upstream Business used innovative methods to improve and measure productivity.

Special measures were taken for cost reduction including use of robotic welding, skill enhancement training for welders and improvised established welding processes. Effective adaptation of above-mentioned methods has increased overall welding deposition from 35% to 90% in past five years for top sides and jackets.

Also, marked improvement noted for deposition rates in all processes due to improved welder skills & support accessories.

This article is shared by Harsh Chavhan, Hardeep Singh, Hitesh Bhanushali, Vivek Dwivedi, Hitesh Pasawala, Alap Trivedi and Pratik Gandhi of Centre from L&T Energy Hydrocarbon, MFF- Hazira, Surat-Gujarat.

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