Becoming member of Association of Welding Product Manufacturers has several tangible and intangible value benefits. The larger objective however, is to demonstrate thought leadership and a united front to the Government and Industry bodies. It is proven that strength in numbers compels the regulatory bodies to take notice and effect necessary changes for everyone’s benefit.

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Benefits of AWPM Membership

AWPM Membership gives multifold benefits to it's Members

Tangible Benefits

  • 50% saving in annual cost of testing and gettinng approval from IBR for welding consumables due to extention of approval period to 1 year from 6 months
  • 25% to 50% saving in stall cost for participation in exhibitions organised by India Essen Welding and Cutting exhibitions IEWC shows)
  • 10% saving in delegate registration fees for AWPM members at national and internal technical conferences organised by IWS and IIW
  • AWPM is targetting 100% exemption on import duty on Rutile imports. It is inprocess with Finance Ministry

Intangible Benefits

  • Since AWPM is member of CII-ASCON, Awpm members get access to variuos programs of CII
  • AWPM members get opportunities to participate in the overseas exhibitions with incentives or concessions. Thus memebrs can improve their export business
  • AWPM members can derive satisfaction and pride by helping directly in skill development actvities of welder as well as supporting welding education of underprivilaged students/welders
  • AWPM activities also cotribute towards the success of "Make in India" Intiative launched by Indian government
  • AWPM members can also derive satisfaction and pride for the work done by AWPM in CSR areas like creating awareness Health and Safety hazard in the welding area and organising free health check up camps for welders

Membership Fees

Sr. No. Annual Sales (Net of Excise Duty & Sales Tax) Entrance Fee (One Time) Subscription Amount Max No. of Members to be nominated
1 Rs. 5 Crores but up to Rs. 10 Crores Rs. 10,000.00 Rs. 10,000.00 Per Year 1 Member
2 Rs. 10 Crores but up to Rs. 25 Crores Rs. 25,000.00 Rs. 25,000.00 Per Year 1 Member
3 Rs. 25 Crores but up to Rs. 50 Crores Rs. 50,000.00 Rs. 50,000.00 Per Year 1 Members
4 Rs. 50 Crores but up to Rs. 100 Crores Rs. 90,000.00 Rs. 90,000.00 Per Year 2 Members
5 Rs. 100 Crores but up to Rs. 200 Crores Rs. 1,25,000.00 Rs. 1,25,000.00 Per Year 2 Members
6 Rs. 200 Crores Rs. 1,50,000.00 Rs. 1,50,000.00 Per Year 2 Members

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Becoming member of Association of Welding Product Manufacturers has several tangible and intangible value benefits.

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