Welding Industry

Welding Industry

Importance of Welding & Welding Industry

As we know, welding is indispensable to all manufacturing industries. With development in material sciences, newer materials with better mechanical properties are becoming available on one hand. On the other hand, welding processes are modified and improved frequently due to technological development in electronic field. This has significantly enhanced welding efficiency & productivity.

Consequently, use of welding processes has increased in all the industries for metal joining applications. As a result of this, one cannot imagine the development and manufacturing of new products like super critical boilers, satellites like Mangalyan, defence equipment like battle tank, long range missiles, heavy mechanical structures for high pressure, low & high temperature applications, etc. without the use of welding processes.

In addition, with the growth of steel industry steel production has increased multifold in last few decades, which has fueled the welding & fabrication activities rapidly across all industry sectors. Now the welding activities have become integral part of industry sectors like, heavy engineering, construction, oil & gas, power, auto industry, railways, steel, defence, aviation & space, shipping and other Infrastructural & nation building projects.

Evidently, these sectors are the engines of Indian economy and none of them can achieve the growth without welding activities. It would be only fair to say that welding is the unseen and often unrecognized but one of the most important bonds that strengthens the Indian economy.

Initiatives To Improve Welding Skills

Ever since its inception in year 2005, AWPM has been actively supporting skill development activities for Indian welders across industries. AWPM has sponsored from time to time needy welders for various courses at welding training institutes to improve their welding skills. AWPM has also organized ‘Welding Competition’ to make welders more efficient and competitive for achieving better quality welds.

Investing In Safety & Health of Welders

AWPM has been promoting safety of welders and spreading awareness about the health hazards while working in the welding and fabrication environment. This awareness is spread through training and displaying illustrations during exhibitions, of precautions that welders should take to avoid and minimize health hazards. AWPM has been also conducting ‘free health check-up camps’ during national and international exhibitions held in India.

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