Please fill this form duly, download it, sign it and send it along with the cheque of applicable membership entrance fee and annual subscription. Alternatively, you can download this form here, duly fill it manually.

Application for Membership

The Chairman
Association of Welding Products Manufacturers
MUMBAI 400 001
Dear Sir,

We wish to apply for membership to the Association of Welding Products Manufacturers. The
details of the company and nominee/s are furnished hereunder:

Name of Company :
Registered Office :
Name of Managing Director/Chief Executive :
Products being manufactured : (Please tick) Welding Electrodes SAW Fluxes SAW Wires
GMAW Wires FCAW Wires Welding Transformers
Welding Rectifiers Diesel Gen. Sets
MIG/MAG Eqpt TIG Eqpt SAW Eqpt
Systems Others
Location of Manufacturing Plants :
Latest Year ( )Turnover (Please attach copy of annual report): Rs Cr.
Class of membership : Founder Member  Member
Name/s of nominee/s : (Turnover Rs. 10 Cr to Rs. 50 Cr)
Name :
Designation :
Location :
Name/s of nominee/s : (Turnover > Rs. 50 Cr)
Name :
Designation :
Location :
Name and designation of Person
nominating the Member/s :
We are enclosing herewith the applicable membership entrance fee and annual subscription for the
year 2022-23 as detailed below.
Payment Details:
Entrance fee :
Annual Subscription :
Total :
Cheque No. :
Drawn on :
Dated :
Bank, payable at :
for Rs. :
We hereby undertake to be governed by the rules and regulations / bye laws of the
Date :
Place :