Investigation in the ITI welder education and solutions to fill the welders’ skill-gap

  • Posted on: 27th April, 2023

Welding, joining of two work pieces to form one, is a precise, reliable, cost-effective and ‘hi-tech’ method for joining materials. Welding technology is as crucial as any other manufacturing technology. Its development and growth are essential for growth of the manufacturing sector.

Where metal needs adhering, a welder is needed. Welders help build metal products from power plants to space vehicles. The most important part of the welding system is a welder.

In India, the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) program provides the skills needed for entry level jobs in the welder trade and job opportunities anywhere in the world.

One of the most worrying changes is the declining enrolment in ITIs. Entry qualification, age limit to join industry, heavy curriculum for welder trade, social fears and the improper perception of welding as a career option is pushing many talented and energetic potentials to other fields.

Apprenticeship training is perceived as a critical scheme to develop industry with ready manpower by utilizing existing training facilities in establishments. Although everything is faster, the industry’s fundamentals haven’t changed. The shortage of skilled welders continues to trouble manufacturing industry.

It is not surprising that the percentage of workers who can weld and who work in the manufacturing industries is on the decline. We are not attracting enough young people into welding careers. There are many noble careers in the welding field. All of us in the welding industry know that welding is special. I would like to reflect on some of the issues from my own observations.

I noticed the biggest problem in this area when I established an ITI. The results of the investigation have vindicated the need to revise the welder curriculum, welder environment must become more attractive, and the industry must ‘upgrade’ the existing workforce through better basic training, and the industry leaders must take efforts to give welders greater recognition and elevate their status for the skill they provide.

Credits:This article is shared by K. Suresh Kumar and S. Karthikeyan

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